Automated Roadways - "Autways"

Autway carriers operate on elevated guideways to automatically move small passenger cabins and individual autos to destinations.   


Autways save lives, shorten travel time, reduce burning of fuel and CO2 emissions, save money and extend the lives of autos.

          First, Look at an Autway system.

          See what's inside an Autway guidway.  

          A network of Autways will eventually be built that will be of nation-wide extent.   It may start with a car-carrying Autway that will be successful and profitable, leading to building of others and to extensions and interconnections to form the network.  Entrance and exit stations will be added along such Autways for transport of passenger cabins and freight containers.  All stations of the network will be off-line to allow uninterrupted main-line travel at high speeds.  

            The nation-wide network will carry any existing car, whether engine-powered or electric and including any SUV, light truck or "gas-guzzler".  It will greatly reduce burning of foreign oil and emissions of greenhouse gases.      

          The network will also carry passenger cabins.  The cabins may be either 3 or 4 passenger PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) cabins or larger GRT (Group Rapid Transit) cabins for transport of 8, 10, 12 or even more passengers.  The cabins will carry wheel chairs.  People may travel whenever they wish, at a high speed and to any of a great many possible destinations.  People may decide to travel more and more as passengers rather than in cars.   

          The network will also transport freight. Automated loading and unloading stations can be provided everywhere at convenient locations.  Containers may have capacities that are such as to make shipping very convenient, reduce costs and achieve high efficiency in meeting real needs.       

          Autways can greatly increase productivity of our nation.  They can improve the environment. They can enhance the quality of life in communities in which they are built.  They can increase property values.  They can reduce the adverse effects of "sprawl".  Building and operating them can create a great many good-paying jobs.   

           In spite of the many advantages of Autways to the public, maybe its partly because of them, it is not easy to get attention and support for them from the media and from businesses and governments.  Virtually no interest in automated roadways has been shown by the stake-holders that are influential with the media and that profit from the transportaton system as it exits - - car- makers, oil companies, builders of conventional roads and suppliers of transit systems.  Transportation officials at all levels, federal, state and local, cater to the stake-holders and rarely do anything on their own.  

          Do you know about any place where building of an Autway might improve transportation?   Do you encounter heavy congestion in getting to work?  Where?  We are looking for a place to make a concentrated effort to build an initial system.  It could lead to success.  

          You may send an email to